Alemu Gonsamo, Assistant Professor & Tier II Canada Research Chair of Remote Sensing

Associate Director of McMaster Centre for Climate Change

Associate Editor Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences Editorial Board Member Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

PDF University of Toronto; PhD University of Helsinki Finland; MSc Wageningen University The Netherlands; BSc Hawassa University Ethiopia

Google Scholar | Scopus | Twitter | LinkedIn | Email

Post-doctoral fellows

Dr. Cheryl Rogers (2022 – present): My research focuses on remote sensing of carbon exchange between vegetation and the atmosphere to better understand the response of terrestrial ecosystems to climate change. I use a variety of field measurements to link processes we can measure on the ground to signals we can detect from space. Awards: 2011 Best Masters Thesis award from the Canadian Remote Sensing Society. Google Scholar | ORCID |  LinkedIn | Publons | ResearchGate |  Personal Website | Email

Dr. Michelle Kalamandeen (2021 – present). My research generally focuses on how terrestrial ecosystems respond to global change forces and what the implications of these responses are on biodiversity, climate, carbon stock and people. My current research focuses on studying carbon stock vulnerability to climate change. I am a member of the Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA). Google Scholar | ResearchGate | Twitter | LinkedIn | Email

Dr. José Bermúdez (2022 – present). My academic training is in Electronic Engineering with research specialization in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning, and Remote Sensing. Currently, I am working on forest biomass mapping for Canada’s forested ecosystems using machine and deep learning algorithms, optical, LiDAR and SAR satellite remote sensing. Google Scholar | ResearchGate | Twitter | Email

Graduate students

Xinran Gao (2020 – present, PhD student). Global change ecology. Email | Twitter

Tenaw Geremew Workie (2019 – present, PhD student ). I am a PhD candidate at the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute. Before I earned additional Master degrees in geo-information science and earth observation in 2011 from a consortium of four leading European universities in the UK, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands, I worked as a lecturer of physical Geography in Wollo University, Ethiopia for two years. Researchgate | LinkedIn | Email. Awards: Erasmus Mundus MSc scholarship, Ministry of Education MSc scholarship. 

Ricardo Barros Lourenço (2021 – present, PhD student ). My research interests lie in the interface of Geosciences and Computer Science, more specifically on explainable artificial intelligence (xAI) methods to understand satellite detected changes. I am the Communications Editor for Environmental Data Science. Google Scholar | Researchgate | Twitter | LinkedIn | GitHub | Blog | Email Awards: AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award, Brazil Scientific Mobility Program Scholar, Grupo Montevideo  Escala Scholar  

Max Salman (2021-present, PhD student ). My research interests are in the utilization of geophysical and remote sensing observations to characterize northern peatlands and permafrost areas. My hobbies/passions involve swing dancing, flying, playing piano, running and cross-country skiing. Google Scholar | ResearchGate | Twitter | LinkedIn | GitHub | ORCID | Email

Tanisha Sharma (2020-present, MSc student ). Global leaf area index estimation. LinkedIn | Email

Chinyere Ottah (2022-present, PhD student ). My research focuses on LiDAR, SAR and optical remote sensing of wetlands, forests, biomass, and wildfire. Currently, I am focusing on the use of satellite SAR and LiDAR remote sensing to estimate carbon emission from forest disturbances. Awards: Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship, University of Lethbridge Canada wildfire research Award, University of Lethbridge Scholarship Tuition Award, UK- Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Strategic Partnership Scholarship Awardee, Departmental and Faculty Best Graduating Student. ResearchGate | Google Scholar | Twitter | Email

Research assistants

Kangyu So (2021-present). I am studying impact of forest management in canopy structure and light environment to explore the potential of forest management practices for nature based climate solution. LinkedIn | Twitter | Email Awards: McMaster Honour Award, Dean’s Honour List, Biology Honour Roll

Jenny Chau (2021-present). I am studying causal inferences between CO2 flux and environmental forcing. Twitter | Email Awards: NSERC USRA

High school interns

Imran Gulamhussein (2021-present). Detecting spongy moth defoliation with satellite observations and machine learning. Email

Awards: UCMAS Mental Computational Maths Competition Merit Award (4x), First Place – Tie -McMaster Children’s & Youth University Junior Challenge, High Honours – Johns Hopkins International Talent Search, Outstanding Performance Award Mathstronauts STEM Hacks Competition, Witherspoon Writing Award – Finalist, and Bachelor Of Knowledge at McMaster Children’s & Youth University.

Visiting scholars

Jingru Zhang (2021-present). I am a PhD student at Beijing Forestry University, China. I am studying plan phenology using satellite solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence, gross primary production and vegetation indices (such as NDVI, EVI, and NIRv) observations. Email. Awards: China Scholarship Council (CSC) to study abroad


Dr. Camile Söthe (2020 – 2022, postdoctoral fellow). My research focuses on the use of multi-sensor remote sensing data and machine and deep learning methods for land cover, soil carbon and biomass mapping. Google Scholar | Researchgate | Twitter | Publons | Email

Current: Research Scientist at Finite Carbon

Rachel Badzioch (2020-2022, research assistant). Patterns of canopy phenological shifts, primarily in temperate deciduous forests, using photosynthetically active radiation. LinkedIn | Twitter | Email

Current: PhD student at Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame

Jonathan Spence (2021-2022, research assistant). Machine learning methods for estimating aboveground biomass in boreal forests. LinkedIn | Email Awards: McMaster Provost Award, NSERC USRA, Hugh R. Thompson Memorial Prize, CM Ball Scholarship in Geology.

Current: MSc student at Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta

Lelia Weiland (2020-2021, research assistant). Thermal remote sensing of soil respiration. LinkedIn

Current: MSc student at Department of Geography, University of Calgary

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