Principal Investigator

Alemu Gonsamo, Assistant Professor (2019-present)
Canada Research Chair (tier II) in Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecosystems (2020-present), School of Earth, Environment & Society, McMaster University
PDF University of Toronto; PhD University of Helsinki Finland; MSc Wageningen University The Netherlands; BSc Debub University Ethiopia
Publication: Google Scholar | Scopus
Twitter | LinkedIn

Post-doctoral fellows

Dr. Camile Söthe (2020 – present). PhD, National Institute for Space Research (INPE), São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil . Google Scholar | Researchgate | Twitter

Graduate students

Xinran Gao (2020 – present). Global change ecology

Tanisha Sharma (2020-present). Global leaf area index estimation. LinkedIn

Ziling Zheng (2021-present). Artificial intelligence in remote sensing

Undergraduate students

Lelia Weiland (2020-2021). Thermal remote sensing of ecosystem metabolism. LinkedIn

Alysaa Cuoto (2020-2021). Thermal and reflective remote sensing of plant ecophysiology. LinkedIn

Research assistant

Rachel Badzioch (2020-present). Remote sensing of vegetation. LinkedIn


Rebecca Uhrich (2020). The net impact of growing season length on carbon uptake of high latitude ecosystems

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