Principal Investigator

Alemu Gonsamo, Assistant Professor (2019-present), Tier II Canada Research Chair in Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecosystems (2020-present).

PDF University of Toronto; PhD University of Helsinki Finland; MSc Wageningen University The Netherlands; BSc Debub University Ethiopia

Associate Editor Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences Editorial Board Member Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Curriculum vitae | Google Scholar | Scopus | Twitter | LinkedIn | Email

Post-doctoral fellows

Dr. Camile Söthe (2020 – present). My research focuses on the use of multi-sensor remote sensing data and machine and deep learning methods for land cover and biomass mapping, successional forest stages and tree species classification, fire and landslide susceptibility mapping, and terrestrial carbon cycle modelling. Currently I’m working on Carbon storage and distribution mapping in terrestrial ecosystems of Canada. Google Scholar | Researchgate | Twitter | Publons | Email

Dr. Michelle Kalamandeen (2021 – present). I am a Systemic Conservation and Remote Sensing Postdoctoral Fellow with over 10 years leadership and practical experience developing locally driven environmental solutions to align and respond to national and international policies such as leading the development of Guyana’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (iNDC) with businesses, civil society and government agencies, and part of the official government negotiating team for inclusion of REDD+ in the UNFCCC COP21 Paris Agreement. I am one of the 200 Amazonian scientists on the Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA) who worked on an ambitious cooperative project to assess the current state of the Amazon biome and recommendations for its future sustainability, with the support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network. I was a researcher at the University of Cambridge (UK) and Laurentian University (Canada), with my PhD studies conducted at University of Leeds (UK) and MSc degree from University of Oxford (UK). My research focuses on how terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems respond to different global change forces and what the implications of these responses are on biodiversity, climate and the people living there, presently and in the future. My current research focuses on studying carbon stock vulnerability to individual and compound events of fire, insect and disease outbreaks, and climate change in terrestrial ecosystems of Canada, funded by World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada). Google Scholar | Researchgate | Twitter | LinkedIn | Email

Graduate students

Xinran Gao (2020 – present, PhD student). Global change ecology. Email

Tenaw Geremew Workie (2019 – present, PhD student ). I am a PhD candidate in Remote Sensing at the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute. I was born in Merawi, a small town in Gojjam province; about 520 km from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. I completed my Bachelor and Master degrees back-to-back in Geography and Environmental studies in Alemaya University in 2005 and Addis Ababa University in 2007. Before I earned additional Master degrees in geo-information science and earth observation in 2011 from a consortium of four leading European universities in the UK, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands, I worked as a lecturer of physical Geography in Wollo University, Ethiopia for two years. Researchgate | LinkedIn | Email. Awards: Erasmus Mundus MSc scholarship, Ministry of Education MSc scholarship. 

Ricardo Barros Lourenço (2021 – present, PhD student ). My research interests lie in the interface of Geosciences and Computer Science, more specifically on the spatial analysis of remotely sensed data supported by machine learning methods. Google Scholar | Researchgate | Twitter | LinkedIn | GitHub | Blog | Email Awards: American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2018 Fall Meeting Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) 

Max Salman (2021-present, PhD student ). I am a doctoral researcher in the McMaster University Remote Sensing Lab. I worked for several years globally as an airborne geophysical operator, geophysical specialist and project manager. My interests are in the utilization of new geophysical equipment to measure natural processes in the near-surface and integrate data with remote sensing information to better understand the critical zone, especially in permafrost-discontinuous areas. I enjoy teaching and the opportunity to travel and share my knowledge at conferences and giving lectures and seminars. My hobbies/passions involve swing dancing, flying, playing piano, running and cross-country skiing. Google Scholar | Researchgate | Twitter | LinkedIn | GitHub | ORCID | Email

Tanisha Sharma (2020-present, MSc student ). Global leaf area index estimation. LinkedIn | Email

Chinyere Ottah (2022-present, PhD student ). Google Scholar | Twitter

Research assistants

Rachel Badzioch (2020-present). I am an undergraduate student interested in the interactions between vegetation and the environment. I am researching patterns of canopy phenological shifts, primarily in temperate deciduous forests, using photosynthetically active radiation. LinkedIn | Twitter | Email

Jonathan Spence (2021-present). I am currently working on machine and deep learning methods for estimating aboveground biomass in boreal forests. Following the completion of this project, I will use machine and deep learning methods to estimate global carbon flux from soils. LinkedIn | Email Awards: McMaster Provost Award, NSERC USRA, Hugh R. Thompson Memorial Prize, CM Ball Scholarship in Geology. 

High school interns

Imran Gulamhussein (2021-present). Detecting gypsy moth defoliation with satellite observations and machine learning. Email

Awards: UCMAS Mental Computational Maths Competition Merit Award (4x), First Place – Tie -McMaster Children’s & Youth University Junior Challenge, High Honours – Johns Hopkins International Talent Search, Outstanding Performance Award Mathstronauts STEM Hacks Competition, Witherspoon Writing Award – Finalist, and Bachelor Of Knowledge at McMaster Children’s & Youth University.


Lelia Weiland (2020-2021, undergraduate student). Thermal remote sensing of soil respiration. LinkedIn

Current: MSc student at Department of Geography, University of Calgary

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